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We offer a wide selection of
English Study Courses
We offer a wide selection of
English Study Courses
We offer a wide selection of
English Study Courses
English Courses

Our General English and Intensive English courses are designed to help students make rapid progress in English, and focus on the four key language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – with lots of additional work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Throughout the year. We offer a variety of different levels:
A1: Beginner   |   A2: Lower-Intermediate   |   B1: Intermediate   |   B2: Upper-Intermediate   |   C1: Advanced   |   C2: Proficient.

English Courses for Adults

We offer short and long-term English Language courses for students aged 16 and above.

Every week, your progress is monitored in an individual teacher-student tutorial to help you identify areas for improvement. Teachers give tips, advice, materials and resources to help students achieve their learning goals.Browse our course information pages as we have a variety to choose from.

General English

Our General English Language courses are designed for students who want to develop the language they already know or make a start in English. You will focus on the four key language skills:  Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing through interactive study.  You will also study grammar and extend your vocabulary.

You may join any week and immerse yourself in a lively class with a focus on communication. If you have specific needs, such as exam practice or need to develop confidence in speaking, you can combine General English with a Plus Option for specialist training.

Examination English IELTS

Need a Qualification in English?

If you are interested in going on to higher education, improving your employment opportunities or simply widening your choices for study or work, you may like to gain a world-class qualification in English. Our examination courses are designed to give you intensive preparation to help you achieve your exam target grade.

IELTS Preparation

If you are thinking about your next step into Higher Education, IELTS is the gold-standard for most universities. You will need to find out what grade you need and then we can help you achieve it within a given time.

Business English

Our popular Business English courses are designed to help you achieve a high level of competence in English for the workplace. Our teachers have significant experience in delivering specialist business classes to professionals.

Course Structure

This is a dynamic and practical course that focuses on language for the workplace.  It covers a wide range of business-related topics such as branding, marketing and sales trends in addition to functional language for  negotiating, giving presentations and reporting.  You also work on fluency and accuracy in communicative English to ensure plenty of variety in your lessons. This course is ideal for all professionals working in an English-speaking commercial environment.

The syllabus is linked to the Cambridge BEC Vantage exam syllabus so there will also be an opportunity to gain a professional qualification in Business English.

Evening Courses

Choose from our wide range of part-time, evening English courses and build the confidence you need to become a better speaker of English. These courses are perfect for the busy professional who is constantly on the go. Learn and grow in a fun and engaging environment tailored to meet your specific learning needs and objectives. All lessons are held in our school in ABI School.